Principles and solutions

More clients from the web

The main goal of the website is to bring new contacts, sales, clients
and ultimately increase profits. If the opportunity doesn't knock, build the door.

Lead funnel

Straight path of client (Funnel)

Leading clients step by step through your products and services to demand or purchase is the task of a straightforward website structure. Creating and editing this customer path is a matter of a few clicks in solidpixels. Like everything,after all.

Smart conversion elements

Solidpixels contains everything you need to convert your visitors into customers. From conversion buttons in navigation, through call-to-action sections in content to chatbots and pop-ups.


Form creation

Solidpixels allows you to visually build powerful conversion forms, test their variations, and measure which one is bringing the most new clients.

Landing pages

Landing pages

With a click of the mouse you can create performance landing pages focused on one conversion action and with second click you can hide the main menu. This is the way to make the results of the web better.

CRM connection

Connection with CRM

The data of all forms in the Enterprise plan can be automatically mirrored to the most used CRM systems. Your salesmen will always have plenty of business opportunities.

Rich content

Creating rich content

Quality content leads visitors to action. But content is not just text - that's why you can create photo galleries, videos, insert citations, use maps, sliders, listings, price lists and other blocks in solidpixels. No one can resist your content anymore.

Website speed

Lightning fast loading

Web loading speed is not just about a great experience for your visitors,
but has a direct effect on the conversion ratio. A faster website brings more clients and joy. More about loading speed

Take your site's performance to a global level

Find out how you can gain more clients on the Internet, present your company on a
world-class level and still optimize the cost of running a first-class website.

Number of employees

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Principles and solutions

What do you want 
to achieve on the website?

More functional design

Build a beautiful– but above all functional– design that attracts visitors.

Higher website speed

Rank among the 5% of fastest sites on the Internet and your clients will appreciate the difference.

Better website security

Protect your clients' data without compromise and be prepared for
the risks lurking on the Internet.

Simpler content management

Update your site more easily and in real time. No agencies, no programmers.

Integration and automatization

Link your site to a range of smart tools to get rid of routine work once and for all.