We guarantee results
and deadline for delivery

Why buy promises when we can guarantee results? If we don't deliver on our predetermined goals
or we don't meet the final deadline - we work at a loss.

Complete website implementation

In addition to a great online tool, you get access to a team of professionals who will guide you through the implementation and deliver results. The implementation is done remotely and we can arrange the first meeting within the next 48 hours.

This is exactly how we have led more than a thousand companies, including banks, multinational corporations, and start-ups, to a great result.

What is our

triple guarantee

The internet is crowded with companies that make flashy promises but rarely deliver. We know that for you, it's like navigating a minefield blindfolded. That's why we offer a guarantee we ourselves shake our heads at. We'll either deliver results on time, or we'll discount the project by 20% - which literally means we're doing business at a loss.

We guarantee the delivery of goals

Each web project has its own goals, which we write down in the contract. When the project is delivered, we go through them together and check their fulfilment one by one.

We guarantee the delivery time

We deliver projects on time - despite market conventions. Each project has its own schedule and a deadline, which we guarantee. We expect the same approach from our clients when we need their cooperation.

We guarantee your independence

Thousands of companies have switched to solidpixels to gain independence in web development and free themselves from using agencies for every detail. Before delivering your project, we will provide you with a two-hour training session, during which you will practice all the necessary site editing. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident as you work.

We love technology,
but our focus is on the people.

At solidpixels, we see technology as a means to an end. We want to keep your hands free for the things that really matter. That's why we create websites and apps that will set you free from routine work and deliver results.

35 members

1147 clients

12 awards

14 years

1147 companies from 8 industries
rely on solidpixels. Every day.

Reference projects

stavební spořitelna

Grandhotel PUPP

We deliver the results

Don't believe a word we say. Rather listen to the directors and owners
of the most successful brands in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Renata Vildomcová Marketing director - SKANSKA Reality
Petr Dvořák CEO & Founder - Wultra
Jindřich Krausz General Manager - Grandhotel PUPP
Libor Jarolím Owner - Moonshot
Aleš Najbrt Owner - Studio Najbrt
Aleš Najbrt Owner - Studio Najbrt
Jan Kříž Marketing consultant - UP21
Lukáš Joch Designer - Joch.cz
Karla Malíková Marketing manager - Chateau Mcely
Riccardo Lucque Owner - Aromi, La Collezione
Adéla Vaverové Marketing manager - Realism
Jáchym Klimko Marketing Manager - DOX